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Cover: United States Presidents

United States Presidents (2009) - Horn Book Guide

Broad overviews of each president’s early life, aspirations, political challenges, and triumphs are packed into these brief, easy-to-read texts augmented with sidebars, illustrations, and photographs. Highlights of each administration are placed within the context of American and… View →

Cover: Animal Sounds Set 1

Cows Moo! (Animal Sounds) – Horn Book Guide

Intended for transitional readers, this book provides a light and jaunty introduction to cows. View →

Cover: Story Time with Signs & Rhymes Set 1

Big Blue Bowl (Story Time with Signs & Rhymes) – Booklist

Children who are interested in learning sign language will find the Story Time with Signs & Rhymes series an intriguing place to start. Rather than just offering the letters and some examples of American Sign Language (although that is included), the main selling point here is View →

Cover: Mighty Machines

Mighty Machines - Booklist

No preschool nonfiction collection is complete without a set of books about trucks, and this new series includes large, colorful pictures that capture their intimidating size. The text length gives just enough information to satisfy, and each of the major construction vehicles gets its… View →

Cover: Essential Lives Set 3

Essential Lives Set 3 – Horn Book Guide

Filled with interesting sidebars, photographs, or illustrations, and maps, each of these biographies traces the life of its subject, including early successes and failures. . . . A clean design makes the books user-friendly, and appended resources make them helpful for school reports. View →

Cover: Meet Your Community Workers

Mail Carriers At Work (Meet Your Community Workers) – Booklist

It gives a good overview of what the job entails and how postal workers spend their days. Though each two-page spread contains just a few sentences, kids will get a good idea of the range of activities involved in the job. View →

Cover: Essential Events Set 3

Bolshevik Revolution (Essential Events) – Horn Book Guide

This volume chronicles events before, during, and after the revolution that altered the course of Russian history. The rise of Lenin and other Bolshevik leaders, the execution of the Romanovs, the struggles to establish a Communist state, and the aftermath of World War II are detailed.… View →

Cover: Cool CSI

Cool CSI – Horn Book Guide

These hands-on books clearly explain basic premises and techniques of crime scene investigators, then suggest simple ways to duplicate the processes, such as distinguishing among different kinds of pollen and testing people’s memory of objects—all the while recording data in… View →

Cover: Dog Daze Set 1

Dog Daze Set 1 – Horn Book Guide

These books provide basic information about each breed. Topics include appearance, training, and doggie proclivities. Vivid photographs of pups romping and posing add life. View →

Cover: United States Presidents

United States Presidents (2009) - Library Media Connection

Showing our nation’s leaders as people and not just iconic historical figures, this series brings authenticity to the individual featured in each volume. Although certainly not the only presidential biography series students will find, those writing reports or who are interested in View →

Cover: Essential Events Set 3

Great Wall of China (Essential Events) – Horn Book Guide

This accessible volume presents an abbreviated history of China from early nomadic peoples to the present. The book also chronicles the construction, destruction, repair, and preservation of parts of the Great Wall from its inception in 221 BCE. Numerous… View →

Cover: Essential Events Set 3

Dust Bowl (Essential Events) – Horn Book Guide

This book chronicles hardships in the American Southwest during the Great Depression. The collapse of the financial markets, the severe drought and devastating dust storms, the subsequent crop failures, and the influx of hordes of families to California and Oregon are reported in… View →