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El Coronavirus (The Coronavirus)

The novel coronavirus has likely changed the lives of most, if not all, people around the world. As we know, education is key--even for the youngest of readers. This series will take a look at what COVID-19 is, what a coronavirus is, the people risking their lives each day to keep the world moving, and the amazing technology that exists and is being created to fight the disease. Other titles will cover what social distancing and distance learning are, and what kids can do to connect with their friends, teachers, family, and community during these unprecedented times. Complete with inviting photos and images (labeled when needed), bolded glossary terms, and more. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Abdo Kids Jumbo is an imprint of Abdo Kids, a division of ABDO. Translated by native Spanish speakers--and immersion school educators.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Conectados a pesar de la distancia social (Staying Connected While Social Distancing)
Educación a distancia (Distance Learning)
El virus de la COVID-19 (The COVID-19 Virus)
Hábitos saludables para estar seguros (Staying Safe with Healthy Habits)
La ciencia, la tecnología y la COVID-19 (STEM and COVID-19)
Los héroes de la COVID-19 (Heroes of COVID-19)
  • New! Spring 2024
  • New! Fall 2023
  • New! Spring 2023

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