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The One

Approaching his seventeenth birthday, Odin Lewis notices odd changes: he can make objects float, predict the future, and Wendell, an imaginary friend he thought gone, begins talking to him again. With Wendell's guidance, Odin learns to harness these powers in ways that could mean the world's salvation or destruction.

Cover: Activation #6

Activation #6

Wendell has won. After demonstrating Solar Flare's destruction and with Odin completely powerless in front of him, nothing is left to can stand in Wendell's way. His plan is progressing…

Cover: Battle Within #5

Battle Within #5

Finally back home, Odin reaches out to the very people who programmed his childhood, experimented on him, and manipulated him into creating a new weapon capable of unprecedented terror…

Cover: Eden #4

Eden #4

After learning the truth of what the Solar Flare project has become, General Delgado takes Dr. Burnett prisoner, and threatens Odin's life if he doesn't immediately cooperate with the…

Cover: Machine #3

Machine #3

Far from the family who had secretly monitored him, armed guards follow Odin's every movement through an underground facility dedicated to the secret project known only as Solar Flare. Under…

Cover: Other Me #1

Other Me #1

Odin Lewis has always known he is different from everyone else: he can levitate objects, look into the past, and learn things no one else can. Now, approaching his seventeenth birthday…

Cover: Talk to Me #2

Talk to Me #2

Resentful that he is being limited, Odin begins to rebel against the authorities in his life. At school, he acts up in class, refuses to do homework, and predicts answers before hearing the…

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