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Cover: Crushing


Homework. Essays. Term Papers. Pop Quizzes. Exams. SATs. College applications. It's no secret that high school is a lot to deal with--especially when you're crushing. This six-book series…

Cover: Hoop City

Hoop City

Welcome to inner city high school basketball, a competitive world of great athletes and dreams of NBA stardom. A world where talent and expectations mix with youth, money, girls, and the…

Cover: Invisible Six

Invisible Six

Six secret operatives are the military's top experts in covert ops and rescue missions. But this elite special force doesn't exist--at least not in the public eye. No one knows where they…

Cover: Our Principal

Our Principal

A unique principal named Mr. Bundy runs PS 88 and gets into all sorts of silly mishaps. The beloved principal gets enchanted, gobbled up by the Big Bad Wolf, turned into a spider, and more!…

Cover: Pony Girls Set 2

Pony Girls Set 2

It's a new year at horse camp for new Pony Girls! Charlie, Gracie, Paisley, and Zoey narrate their own stories as they navigate anxiety, learn about caring for animals, and take photos for…