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Cover: Pandemics

Pandemics – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Each volume in this series contrasts the 1918 flu pandemic with the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. In this way, the series supports the social studies standard time, continuity, and change. In addition to the then and now contrasts, each volume also studies cultural… View →

Cover: Famous Castles

Famous Castles – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Each title in the series focuses on a famous castle. Starting with the creation of each structure, short paragraphs detail the castle, who resided there, and who can visit it today. Full-page art and photography are featured, and vocabulary words are bolded in a different color. Small… View →

Cover: Understanding Disabilities

Undestanding Disabilities – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

The books in this series clearly explain different disabilities such as ADHD, autism, blindness, and dyslexia. Readers learn the symptoms and behaviors associated with each, the impact of school on children with disabilities, the devices that support these… View →

Cover: History Maker Biographies Set 5

History Maker Biographies Set 5 – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Famous contemporary people are presented in these brief, introductory volumes. Amanda Gorman is a Harvard graduate and poet who read at President Biden’s inauguration, Anthony Fauci is a doctor who leads the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Jill Biden is a working first lady, John… View →

Cover: Incredible Insects

Incredible Insects – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

This set highlights the distinct qualities of insects that might be new to most young learners. Cuckoo Wasp, for example, focuses on the creature’s impressive coloring and its unusual egg laying practices. Coverage also includes standard information about size, habitats, and life cycles, View →

Cover: Game On! Set 2

Game On! Set 2 – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

In-depth histories of some of the most popular, influential video games of all time are laid out in this series. The oldest game of the pack is the arcade classic PAC-MAN, which was the first video game to allow players to control a… View →

Cover: Classic Rock Bands

Classic Rock Bands – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

The musical history of famous British rock bands from the 1960s and 1970s are explored in these informative volumes. Each book traces the beginning of each band—how the members met and achieved their early successes, with a chronological account of albums recorded, concert tours… View →

Cover: US Military Equipment and Vehicles

U.S. Military Equipment and Vehicles – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Young military enthusiasts will delight in these volumes that examine the equipment and vehicles employed by the various branches of the United States military. Readers will learn about the Air Force’s F-22 fighter Raptor and its stealth capabilities, the Army’s M1 Abrams tank with its… View →

Cover: Makerspace Play

Makerspace Play – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Imaginative play is double the fun when you make your own toys, structures, and costumes. These books are packed full of great ideas to pick and choose from. Readers are encouraged to think analytically about the requirements of their chosen play space, and to get creative on their own… View →

Cover: Explore Space!

Explore Space! – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

A well-organized astronomy overview for independent readers and report writers…. In-text writing, critical-thinking prompts, and curated links to additional activities and resources make this series a good resource for educators and homeschoolers. View →

Cover: Atomic Bomb Perspectives

Atomic Bomb Perspectives – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

These four fact-focused titles explore the various aspects of the first two atomic bombs. The Manhattan Project details the research and development of the bombs, The U.S. Decision To Drop the Atomic Bomb explores the various views for and against the bombs’ employment, Atomic Bomb… View →

Cover: Desert Animals

Desert Animals – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Basic introductions to desert life, with supplemental material offered through QR codes. Short sentences describe each creature’s appearance and general behaviors, providing mostly engaging overviews…. Decent quality information and photos, with a simple and useful extended… View →

Cover: Miracles in Sports

Miracles in Sports – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Do you believe in miracles? Sports fans sure do! This series tells the stories behind some of the most mind-boggling miracles in the history of organized sports. From Babe Ruth calling his home run in 1932 to the Boston Red Sox breaking “the Curse of the Bambino” in 2004, Miracle Moments View →

Cover: Inside MLS

Inside MLS – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

A thorough series exploring the history of professional soccer clubs in North America. Each book follows a similar format, with the various authors serving up an exciting play-by-play of a memorable game for each club, explaining the history of the clubs and their formations, and… View →

Cover: How Foods Grow

How Foods Grow – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Cashew nuts are only part of the cashew plant, and peanuts grow underground? Readers will learn about these facts and more in this excellent introduction to how foods grow. The series focuses on New World crops that many children in the Americas will be familiar with, such as cocoa beans View →

Cover: NFL Teams

NFL Teams – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

A bite-sized history of each football team in the NFL is served to eager sports fans in this highly visual series. They all follow a similar format: the team’s unique history is shared, followed by memorable moments in their storied past, and a few players… View →

Cover: Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Ancient Egypt fascinates readers of all ages with its mummies, pyramids, and tombs full of treasure. Each book in this series focuses on one area of interest, such as mythology or King Tut himself. Plentiful photographs show the Great Sphinx, the Nile, and golden death masks…. A… View →

Cover: Everyday Sign Language

Everyday Sign Language – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Integrating early literacy skills with American Sign Language, this beginning reader series teaches how to sign a range of different words and letters. Books, which cover themes like colors, family members, and food, focus on important vocabulary words associated with the topic. Each… View →

Cover: Excursiones con la escuela (Field Trips)

Excursiones con la escuela – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Common school field trip sites are presented in this Spanish series. Readers will enjoy venturing to the zoo, aquarium, art museum, children’s museum, nature center, and planetarium. Lots of color photographs of kids having fun and exciting adventures on each trip correspond to… View →

Cover: The Haunting of Hawthorne Harbor Set 1

The Seers, Arlington Independent School District

This book is the first in a series of 6 books centering on a small town called Hawthorne Harbor where a tragedy that happened 50 years ago still haunts the place…. The book is a fairly quick read and will appeal to somewhat reluctant readers who enjoy suspense. View →