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Cover: Everyday Sign Language

Everyday Sign Language – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Integrating early literacy skills with American Sign Language, this beginning reader series teaches how to sign a range of different words and letters. Books, which cover themes like colors, family members, and food, focus on important vocabulary words associated with the topic. Each… View →

Cover: Game On! Set 2

Game On! Set 2 – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

In-depth histories of some of the most popular, influential video games of all time are laid out in this series. The oldest game of the pack is the arcade classic PAC-MAN, which was the first video game to allow players to control a… View →

Cover: Xtreme Screams

The World’s Meanest Monsters (Xtreme Screams) – Booklist

This balanced, reassuring volume from the Xtreme Screams series (6 titles) introduces kids to both real and imaginary beasts. Useful for researchers, the attention-getting cover will also attract the attention of browsers. View →

Cover: Atomic Bomb Perspectives

The US Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb (Atomic Bomb Perspectives) – Booklist

Large period photos provide more context, while primary-source excerpts and guided questions encourage students to think beyond the text. Older readers may also benefit from this historical analysis. View →

Cover: Understanding Disabilities

Understanding Dyslexia – Booklist review

The strongest parts of the book are its lists of traits of dyslexia, as well as the general descriptions of helpful strategies to support friends with this learning difference. View →

Cover: Freedom's Promise Set 1

Oney Judge, Arlington Independent School District

Oney Judge was 22 years old and worked as an enslaved seamstress for Martha Washington. The plan was to give her as a wedding present to Eliza, Martha’s granddaughter. She walked out the door while the rest of the house was eating dinner and then boarded a ship heading to New Hampshire. View →

Cover: The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

American Leaders: Then and Now, Arlington Independent School District

It is a very thorough account of the 9/11 attacks! Highly recommended. View →

Cover: History Maker Biographies Set 5

History Maker Biographies Set 5 – Booklist

The latest set in the History Makers Biographies series adds an outstanding group of individuals to the fold, many of whom youngsters will recognize from TV and the news. Solid stepping-stones into nonfiction reading and research. View →

Cover: Clairvoyant Claire

Vision of Pearls, Arlington Independent School District

Students will like the varied fonts in the book. This is also a quick read which doesn’t get bogged down in a lot of characters and extra words. This book could be used in the classroom to teach author’s craft, genre-mystery, and plot elements. View →

Cover: #Movements

#Pride, Arlington Independent School District

In this book, readers learn about the #Pride movement, from its beginnings at the Stonewall Riots to the LGBTQ rights movement, the first Pride Parade, the creation of the Rainbow flag, and legislation such as the Matthew Shephard Act and the 2015 Supreme Court… View →

Cover: Xtreme Armed Forces

United States Air Force, Arlington Independent School District

Recommendation: Recommended. This book explains the most modern air force in the world, the US Air Force. Readers will learn about various aircraft, such as the F-16 fighting falcon, the F-22 raptor, the B-52 bomber, and predator drones. View →

Cover: Fractured Fairy Tales

Rapunzel Swings, Arlington Independent School District

This graphic novel is loosely based on the fairy tale Rapunzel…. This book can be used in the classroom to teach fractured fairy tales vs. traditional fairy tales, elements of plot and what graphic novels are. View →

Cover: Earth's Energy Experiments

Oil Energy Projects, Arlington Independent School District

There are a lot of great photographs to illustrate how we get the oil to use…. The experiments are not complicated and are good representations of the various processes involved in using oil energy. View →

Cover: Science Adventurers

Climate Scientists, Arlington Independent School District

Recommendation: Highly Recommended. Most of the book focuses on the changes that these scientists are seeing such as the melting of glaciers over time and the effects on wildlife and humans. Full color photos and graphs helps to display the effects and data. View →

Cover: Strong, Healthy Girls

Strong, Healthy Girls – Booklist

The Strong, Healthy Girls series is a valuable source of information for young women who are navigating the teen world and encountering new, complex, and possibly confusing experiences. A great resource for high school and public library collections for youth. View →

Cover: Germ Invaders

Germ Invaders – Booklist

Children have been getting lots of messages recently about wash-ing their hands and wearing masks. The Germ Invaders series comes along at a perfect time to explain why these actions are so important, offering reassurance and empowering kids to take care of themselves. View →

Cover: Super Simple Makerspace STEAM Challenge

Super Simple Makerspace STEAM Challenge – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

This cut-to-the-chase tasking not only allows for a high degree of experimentation and creativity, but also more closely resembles the way that real-world challenges present themselves. View →

Cover: Climate Change

Climate Change – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

It is a must-have for middle school libraries. This series incorporates critical thinking activities in each title that include extensions blending language arts with science to develop scientific reading comprehension skills. View →

Cover: Germ Invaders

Germ Invaders – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

These eye-catching books explore the body’s immune system, the science of fighting germs, and a few major respiratory infections, including COVID-19. With germ-fighting cartoon superheroes, the illustrations are colorful, bold, and engaging. View →

Cover: Core Library Guide to Racism in Modern America

Core Library Guide to Racism in Modern America – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

A solid purchase about current racism in the United States. The standout title Race and the Media in Modern America is a highly recommended purchase; it presents timeless information that is not as often found in other series about modern race relations in the United States. View →