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Cover: Graphic Novel Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Set Set

Adventure of Abbey Grange (Graphic Novel Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) – School Library Journal

Goodwin’s adaptation does a fine job of making the story clear through dialogue rather than resorting to the large chunks of narrative text found in many classics adaptations. A solid choice to introduce young readers to the distinctly flavored pleasures of Holmesian whodunits. View →

Cover: Graphic Novel Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Set Set

Graphic Novel Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Set 1 – School Library Journal

Readers discover the real stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle behind the Sherlock Holmes in the media. View →

Cover: Ghost Detectors Set 1

Ghost Detectors Set 1 - Library Media Connection

This is a great new series to offer reluctant readers. . . . The gross humor and boy problems of this book will make it a hit with boys who check first to see how many pages and how many pictures there are. View →

Cover: Close Encounters of the Wild Kind

Close Encounters of the Wild Kind – School Library Journal

Exciting stories about people who survived attacks by cougars, crocodiles, or rattlesnakes will draw readers to these books. Accompanying photos include fingers swollen after snakebites, a forearm caught in a crocodile’s jaws, and cougars devouring (nonhuman) prey. Text boxes feature… View →

Cover: Xtreme Sports

Xtreme Sports – School Library Journal

Outstanding, motion-filled photographs show a wide range of emotions on the faces of enthusiasts as they attempt such feats as jumping from cliffs or biking in impossible terrain. Both men and women perform the death-defying stunts. “Extreme quotes” in fact boxes lend excitement while… View →

Cover: Military Heroes

George S. Patton (Military Heroes) – Booklist

This volume in the Military Heroes series offers a solid introduction to the controversial WWII commander. . . . Gitlin discusses how Patton aggressively pursued his goal by promoting tactical innovations and lobbying for prestigious commands. Quoting… View →

Cover: Cool Baking

Cool Baking – School Library Journal

A retro look and appetizing photos are among the best features of these information-rich books. Safety, tools, supervision, and ingredients are addressed in introductory sections, followed by seven easy recipes per volume. Children are encouraged to try variations on the recipes and to… View →

Cover: Essential Issues Set Set

Essential Issues Set 1 – School Library Journal

These books examine their diverse topics in some depth, and cover some seldom-discussed issues such as mental illness and suicide. The texts are well-written, providing examples that put a human face to each problem. Quotes and facts are clearly attributed, and their sources are noted in View →

Cover: Rock On!: A Look at Geology

Rock On!: A Look at Geology – School Library Journal

An important moment in the history of geology or a fictional child’s encounter with the world of rocks serves as a lively opener in these titles, and is followed by clear information on related science and scientists. View →

Cover: Weather Watchers

It's a Tsunami! (Weather Watchers) - Booklist

Geared for classroom use, this title in the Weather Watchers series uses succinct text and nonthreatening illustrations to give a basic overview of the earth’s most dangerous tides. . . [and is] a fine way to educate young children about a word they might overhear from… View →

Cover: Xtreme Predators

Xtreme Predators - School Library Journal

This series lives up to its billing, with lots of bared teeth, blood-covered snouts, and impressive skulls. The “Xtreme quotes,” often from survivors of animal attacks, add an intensity that kids will love. Each book also provides an example of how these dangerous animals… View →

Cover: Team Sports By the Numbers

Volleyball By the Numbers (Team Sports By the Numbers) – Booklist

From the weight of a volleyball to the height of the net, numbers are the focus in this slim, square title that folds arithmetic into an easy-reader introduction to the sport. As in other titles in the Team Sports by the Numbers series, the answer to each math question appears on… View →