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Cover: Bio-Graphics Set Set

Bio-Graphics – School Library Journal

The books are certainly more accessible than most standard nonfiction titles. View →

Cover: Essential Lives Set 1

Bill Gates (Essential Lives) – School Library Journal

These biographies provide an update on Gates’s professional and personal life. Each account follows the now-familiar journey of the young computer genius from a prominent Seattle family to Harvard dropout, multibillionaire technology visionary, and defendant in lawsuits. What these View →

Cover: Essential Lives Set 1

Laura Ingalls Wilder (Essential Lives) – Booklist

Beginning with a publishing history of Little House in the Big Woods (1932), this title in the Essential Lives series first explains how the Great Depression affected Wilder personally and professionally. Berne then recounts the highlights of Wilder’s life,… View →

Cover: Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights – School Library Journal

In 32 pages, including glossary and index, readers are presented with. . .facts, questions, and court-case details. . . . Each spread has at least one photograph or drawing that usually illustrates the ideas being presented on those pages. View →

Cover: Underwater World Set Set

Underwater World Set 1 – School Library Journal

Basic information is presented in these overviews. The full-color photographs. . . illustrate the texts nicely and are clearly captioned. Each title includes a labeled diagram of the featured animal and short, simple sentences. The two-page chapters have catchy titles to spark interest… View →

Cover: First Ladies Set Set

First Ladies Set 1 – School Library Journal

These brief biographies begin with each woman’s childhood, college life, and meeting her husband. . . . They delve into their professional and personal lives. . . . The author then describes the role each woman played in her husband’s political life, including campaigning and View →

Cover: 3-D Shapes

3-D Shapes – School Library Journal

These basic titles introduce shapes through line drawings, full-color photographs, and one or two simple sentence descriptions. Each volume begins with a two-page labeled illustration of the shape. Each book ends with a springboard activity to find shapes in everyday surroundings. A… View →

Cover: Main Street School~ Kids with Character Set 1

Main Street School: Kids With Character Set 1 – School Library Journal

Colorful illustrations depict a multicultural classroom. . . . They do a decent job of imparting lessons on character development. View →

Cover: Cool Cooking

Cool Pizza to Make & Bake (Cool Cooking) – School Library Journal

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions take readers from dough to sauce to toppings to completed pizza. An overview of necessary cooking tools is included, as is an index and glossary. This is just one of many terrific titles in the Cool Cooking series, which touches on a… View →

Cover: Barnyard Buddies Set Set

On the Duck Pond (Barnyard Buddies) - Booklist

With a clear, very simple format, this small, square title in the Barnyard Buddies series includes fascinating science for very young readers. Good for sharing at home or in the classroom. View →

Cover: Cool Cooking

Cool Cooking – School Library Journal

These attractive books emphasize creativity. Each one begins with spreads that show necessary equipment, describe basic cooking terms, and illustrate ingredients. Substitutions are encouraged, and an ‘Allergy Alert’ is included. The pages are as appetizing as the recipes themselves, with View →

Cover: Beginning to End

Beginning To End – School Library Journal

Short chapters explain the steps necessary to produce each product. . . . Back matter has a “Can You Guess?” page with two questions. Captioned color photos or drawings appear on every spread and pair well with the narrative. . . View →