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Cover: Hollywood Monsters Set 2

Hollywood Monsters Set 2 – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

. . . these books will attract middle schoolers interested in horror and the macabre at a second grade reading level. View →

Cover: Freedom's Promise Set 2

Freedom's Promise Set 2 – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

A good addition for libraries serving teens. View →

Cover: Star Athletes

Star Athletes – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

A highly readable and inspirational series. View →

Cover: Pequeños activistas: especies en peligro (Little Activists: Endangered Species)

Pequeños activistas: especies en peligro – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

With high-quality design and translation, this series will inspire a future generation of passionate environmentalists. View →

Cover: Being LGBTQ in America

Being LGBTQ in America – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Sensitive and affirming, this excellent series emphasizes awareness and understanding. A must-have for all collections that serve teens. View →

Cover: Parques Nacionales (National Parks Set 2)

Parques Nacionales – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Readers of all ages will want to explore our greatest national treasures thanks to this enlightening and visually stunning series. View →

Cover: Australian Animals

Quokka (Australian Animals) – Booklist

The full-page quokka photos steal the show—just wait until you see one nibbling a berry!—but young readers will learn plenty of key facts once they redirect their eyes from these cuddly fellows to the text sharing the page. View →

Cover: Slavery in America

The Impact of Slavery in America (Slavery in America) – Booklist

This well-reasoned historical account discusses the roots and the persistence of racial prejudice. View →

Cover: #Movements

#NeverAgain: Preventing Gun Violence (#Movements) – Booklist

The #Movements series is as timely as they come….It’s a balanced and encouraging look at activism that avoids getting mired in details. What’s more, this book will speak to students as they see their peers making a difference. View →

Cover: Unconventional Science

Eating Bugs as Sustainable Food (Unconventional Science) – Booklist

An intriguing, well-sourced resource on the future of food. View →

Cover: The Space Race

The Space Race – Booklist

. . . readers will find themselves immersed in the excitement. Clean, spare layouts help keep readers focused on the books’ content, and historic photos are included on every page, showing the awesome spectacle of space travel and giving faces to the many famous names of that era. View →

Cover: Super Simple DIY

Make a Castle Your Way! (Super Simple DIY) – Booklist

With this fun and functional title, young makers will find countless, creative possibilities. View →