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Cover: Insects

Insects - Horn Book Guide

These easy-to-read texts provide basic—and selective—information about the title insects. Topics include body parts, life cycles, predators and protections, and how the insect contributes to the planet’s well-being. Traits specific to each animal, such as how bees make… View →

Cover: Climate Change

Climate Change – Horn Book Guide

The series could be a good place for confused readers to calmly make sense of the news. . . . Captioned photos. . .help demonstrate the effects of environmental change. View →

Cover: Cool Food Art

Cool Food Art – Horn Book Guide

Each book begins with kitchen basics—safety, ingredients, equipment, techniques—necessary to prepare the volumes “food art.” Photographs provide clear step-by-step instructions as well as images of the finished products. . .[and] improvisation is encouraged. View →

Cover: Spiders Set Set

Spiders Set 1 – Horn Book Guide

These volumes offer straightforward. . . facts about different types of spiders. . . . Vibrant photos illustrate texts. . . View →

Cover: Cats Set Set

Cats Set 1 – Horn Book Guide

With full-color photos and simple. . .prose, these books provide basic information about particular cat breeds. Qualities, appearance, care, and feeding are all covered, as is advice about buying a kitten. View →

Cover: Dogs Set 1

Dogs Set 1 – Horn Book Guide

These volumes provide basic information about the title breed’s history, character traits, appearance, care, feeding, and day-to-day needs; each book also includes a special section on puppies. The texts. . . are easy to read and may catch the eye of dog lovers, as will the vibrant View →

Cover: Future Energy

Future Energy – Library Media Connection

. . . appropriate for any class studying alternative energy sources and the environment. Each image has an informative caption that clearly relates to the text. Readers will learn about advantages of alternative energy sources, as well as disadvantages and problems that might cause… View →

Cover: Xtreme Predators

Xtreme Predators - Library Media Connection

With an intriguing series title and fierce looking animal photographs adorning the covers of the books, this series is sure to capture the attention of young readers. These books feature captivating photographs of the title animal from cover to cover. Each spread consists of bold,… View →

Cover: Planet Earth

Planet Earth – Horn Book Guide

Drawings, diagrams, and captioned photos, from up-close details to wide panoramic views, add visual variety. View →

Cover: Essential Events Set 5

Essential Events Set 5 – Horn Book Guide

The readable narrative presents both successes and failures. Sidebars and photographs enhance the text. . . View →

Cover: Sharks Set Set

Sharks Set 1 – Horn Book Guide

This series takes the teeth out of negative portrayals of the misunderstood title creatures. Each book contains easily digestible facts about appearance, habitat, behavior, etc. Clear, dramatic closeup photographs and diagrams help illustrate the information. View →

Cover: Essential Lives Set 5

Essential Lives Set 5 – Horn Book Guide

Nicely laid-out and easy to read, these informative. . .biographies provide historical context as well as personal information about their subjects. Many sidebars, pull-quotes, and photographs enhance the presentation. View →