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Cover: Cool Art

Cool Collage (Cool Art) – Booklist

Students will appreciate the projects’ wide range of styles and technical challenges, from a pop-up birthday card to an elaborate collage of monsters in battle. Tips for caring for completed projects and a glossary and index close this title in the Cool Art series that sends an… View →

Cover: Baby Mammals

Baby Mammals – Horn Book Guide

A clean, inviting design frames the texts in this early reader series about the lives of North American mammal babies. “Vital Statistics” and “Fun Facts” pages are useful for making quick comparisons among the animals. View →

Cover: Essential Viewpoints Set 1

Illegal Immigration (Essential Viewpoints) – Horn Book Guide

. . .informative text presents the history of immigration, the factors that fuel current arguments, reform initiatives, and divergent perspectives, allowing readers to make informed decisions of their own. View →

Cover: Underwater World Set 1

Underwater World Set 1 – Horn Book Guide

The books provide solid information for elementary school reports. Libraries needing to enhance their marine life collections would do well to add these titles for young report writers. View →

Cover: Essential Viewpoints Set 3

Essential Viewpoints Set 3 – Horn Book Guide

. . .well-balanced discussion. . . View →

Cover: Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights – Horn Book Guide

The writing is clear, . . . accessible, and interesting. The books are illustrated with well-chosen photographs and archival art and include better than average glossaries. View →

Cover: Short Tales Greek Myths

Short Tales Greek Myths – School Library Journal

The lively comic-book-style illustrations capture the drama. . . View →

Cover: Our Nation's Pride Set 1

Our Nation's Pride Set 1 – School Library Journal

These simple, educational narratives, suitable for reading aloud, are saved from being completely utilitarian by their colorful illustrations. There are no fact boxes, sidebars, or captions to distract early readers. The paintings are done in bright colors with an unusual but successful mix View →

Cover: Cool Music

Cool Music – School Library Journal

Beginning with a discussion of different music styles, these books go on to define the relevant genre, discuss its history, and describe the elements particular to it. A wide range of works from and performers of each style are referenced. . . . Each color photo-illustrated book also… View →

Cover: All Aboard America Set 3

All Aboard America Set 3 – School Library Journal

Engaging introductory titles. Tieck discusses each location’s historical importance, features, construction, and attractions. “Detour” sections present interesting details and facts. View →

Cover: Essential Lives Set 1

Leonardo da Vinci (Essential Lives) – School Library Journal

Many readers will only know Leonardo da Vinci as the artist of the Mona Lisa when they open this book, but they will likely finish it with a greater sense of interest and intrigue about him. The author includes discussions of not only the man as an artist but also as scientist, teacher, and View →

Cover: Science Rocks! Set 1

Science Rocks! Set 1 – School Library Journal

The format is consistent throughout the books-each spread contains one or two short paragraphs in a large font. The illustrations are bright and bold. View →