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Cover: Essential Viewpoints Set 1

Essential Viewpoints Set 1 – School Library Journal

Balanced overviews of complex, divisive issues. Though not exhaustive, these titles include the topic’s history and most salient points in an accessible and reader-friendly format. . . . Color images enhance the texts, and charts and maps further clarify the content. Sidebars expand on… View →

Cover: Graphic Horror Set 1

Graphic Horror Set 1 – School Library Journal

Young horror fans will enjoy these graphic (not gory) renditions. View →

Cover: Unsolved Mysteries (AD)

Unsolved Mysteries – School Library Journal

Each volume begins with background information and then goes on to give various examples and findings regarding the topic. The detailed texts are more factual than sensational with full-color photos and illustrations to substantiate findings. . . View →

Cover: Universe Set 1

Universe Set 1 - School Library Journal

These. . .introductions to heavenly bodies offer readers a basic, accurate understanding of their respective topics. . . [as] the author presents the broad picture clearly, with a minimum of verbal or visual boilerplate, and every spread of each volume contains at least one labeled,… View →

Cover: Outdoor Adventure!

Hunting (Outdoor Adventure) – Booklist

Books for young children about hunting are scarce, despite the pursuit’s popularity in many parts of the U.S. This overview fills the gap. . . . Each double-page spread offers several paragraphs of text, with material about hunters’ varied motivations; hunting safety and tools; and the… View →

Cover: Graphic Horror Set 1

Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Graphic Horror) – Booklist

This Graphic horror entry is an entertaining and faithful, if much adapted version of Irving’s classic story. Zornow’s illustrations are the highlight of the work, successfully bringing the characters of the story to life. Patient readers, especially those unacquainted with the original… View →

Cover: Essential Lives Set 1

Bill Gates (Essential Lives) – School Library Journal

These biographies provide an update on Gates’s professional and personal life. Each account follows the now-familiar journey of the young computer genius from a prominent Seattle family to Harvard dropout, multibillionaire technology visionary, and defendant in lawsuits. What these books do View →

Cover: Bio-Graphics Set 1

Bio-Graphics – School Library Journal

The books are certainly more accessible than most standard nonfiction titles. View →

Cover: Stink Set 1

Stink - School Library Journal

McDonald uses simple, expressive language to keep the story rolling. Stink is a fun, easy-to-love character with an authentic child voice. The action takes off from the very first chapter and is well sustained throughout. Fans of the earlier books, as well as the “Judy Moody” series, will… View →

Cover: Essential Lives Set 1

Laura Ingalls Wilder (Essential Lives) – School Library Journal

This readable biography further amplifies Wilder’s life and correlates it with her books. . . . [It] does not gloss over the difficult life faced by pioneers in the latter half of the 19th century and includes events that Wilder deemed too difficult for young readers. . . . The many… View →

Cover: Underwater World Set 1

Underwater World Set 1 – School Library Journal

Basic information is presented in these overviews. The full-color photographs. . . illustrate the texts nicely and are clearly captioned. Each title includes a labeled diagram of the featured animal and short, simple sentences. The two-page chapters have catchy titles to spark interest in… View →

Cover: Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights – School Library Journal

In 32 pages, including glossary and index, readers are presented with. . .facts, questions, and court-case details. . . . Each spread has at least one photograph or drawing that usually illustrates the ideas being presented on those pages. View →