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Cover: Whales Set 1

Whales Set 1 – Horn Book Guide

These easy-to-read books include colorful photos to engage young readers and focus on topics such as diet, habitat, and behavior. View →

Cover: My Body

My Body - School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

. . .contents are pleasantly specific; in Brain, for instance, readers get a concise but accurate account of the main functions of the cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, and pituitary gland in learning, remembering, and bodily functions, and Stomach covers the entire… View →

Cover: Going to Work: School Edition

Going to Work: School Edition – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

These narratives are simple yet informative and printed in an easy-to-read font. Each one begins with a simple introduction explaining the importance of the job. Subsequent chapters, sprinkled with “Did You Know?” sidebars, broadly explain responsibilities, requirements, and preparation, View →

Cover: Cool Food Art

Cool Food Art – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

. . .this series assumes a. . .comfortable footing with cooking and encourages readers to stretch their imaginations beyond the eight dishes offered in each title. Helpful starting points include a page devoted to foods that can be made into facial features: eyes (blueberries on banana… View →

Cover: Super Simple Cooking

Super Simple Cooking – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

. . .these titles provide solid foundations, familiarizing children with the kitchen before featuring the recipes. Each introduction has an overview of cooking basics, safety tips, and how to use the microwave, framing a picture of a child cooking with an adult “helper.” Measuring tips… View →

Cover: Weather Watchers

Weather Watchers - Library Media Connection

These books would serve as read-alouds for younger children and basic resources for beginning researchers. . . .The tsunami and hail titles might be welcomed to update a collection. View →

Cover: Military Heroes

Military Heroes – Horn Book Guide

Filled with photographs and archival illustrations, this series presents a range of famous and lesser-known people involved in U.S. military history. In addition to standard biographical details, the texts also examine controversies and career flops as well as successes; sidebars provide View →

Cover: Lives Cut Short Set 1

Lives Cut Short Set 1 – Horn Book Guide

Each biography opens with a pivotal moment in the performer’s career. The texts then move chronologically from the person’s childhood to his untimely death, touching on upbringing, setbacks, and accomplishments along the way. The volumes are enhanced by their many photos and… View →

Cover: Military Heroes

Military Heroes – Library Media Connection

The titles will be useful for research on these historical figures because they are easy-to-read and are richly illustrated with historical photographs, color pictures, sketches, and relevant maps. Generously illustrated timelines help students put events in perspective. Sidebars clarify View →

Cover: Rock On!: A Look at Geology

Rock On!: A Look at Geology – Library Media Connection

Using a consistent format, these titles. . .are highly illustrated with color photographs, maps, and graphic drawings that enhance and effectively support the text. Topics and ideas are presented using examples and explanations so that young scientists can easily understand such… View →

Cover: It's the Alphabet!

It's A! (It's the Alphabet!) – Booklist

The central conceit is clever and educational. To demonstrate a “short a,” the words track, rabbit, cat, and ant are shown alongside associated photos. Then a sentence pulls them all together. The kids. . .will have a fine time breezing through the pages with their active, colorful… View →

Cover: Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals – Horn Book Guide

Report writers won’t be let down. . . . Each book offers information about the titular species’ habitat, habits, care of young, and threats to survival. View →