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Cover: Essential Issues Set 1

Biological & Chemical Warfare (Essential Issues) – Booklist

This title in the Essential Issues series offers a broad overview of biological and chemical weapons. With its clean layout; well-spaced, readable prose; and numerous sidebars and color photos, this title offers an accessible approach to the subject and will raise awareness of the View →

Cover: Team Sports By the Numbers

Team Sports By the Numbers – Library Media Connection

. . . These small, compact books highlight the math involved in several popular American team sports. The popularity of each of the sports would spark interest for all readers, with younger readers appreciating the introduction to the sports and older readers valuing them as a reference… View →

Cover: Essential Events Set 4

Essential Events Set 4 – Library Media Connection

These titles provide readers with a clear, concise, and engaging overview of important topics in American and World history. The writing is accessible and is richer than a lot of history writing, allowing the reader to become engaged in the text as a story, and the layout provides enough View →

Cover: Dogs Set 8

Dogs Set 8 – Horn Book Guide

Numerous photographs accompany several short sections that provide basic information about the history of each breed; details about coat and color, size, care, feeding, behavior; and how to deal with the special demands of puppies. View →

Cover: Weather Watchers

Weather Watchers - Library Media Connection

These books would serve as read-alouds for younger children and basic resources for beginning researchers. . . .The tsunami and hail titles might be welcomed to update a collection. View →

Cover: Cool Baking

Cool Pet Treats (Cool Baking) – Booklist

Kids are always on the lookout for new ways to prove their devotion to their pets, and this entry in the Cool Baking series will slake that undying thirst. . . .The first half of the book is more about cooking in general and features an appealing, catalogue-style spread of cooking View →

Cover: Big Buddy Biographies Set 4

Big Buddy Biographies Set 4 – Horn Book Guide

. . . easy to read, and their subjects may be of interest to children. Many photographs appear throughout the volumes; captions and brief “Did you know. . .” sidebars give additional information on the stars’ family lives, schooling, and professional careers. View →

Cover: Close Encounters of the Wild Kind

Close Encounters of the Wild Kind – Library Media Connection

There are many things about this series that make it a valuable addition to elementary and middle school library collections. Students will be drawn to the realistic full-color photographs, the realistic diagrams of the creatures’ bodies, the real-life stories told by victims, and… View →

Cover: Close Encounters of the Wild Kind

Close Encounters of the Wild Kind – Horn Book Guide

These volumes present cautionary tales of human interactions with wild animals. Each starts off with basic information about the creatures and what makes them dangerous. This is followed by true stories of people being attacked, accompanied by moderately graphic color photos of the aftermath. View →

Cover: Essential Issues Set 1

Gangs, Drug Trafficking, Children's Rights, Biological & Chemical Warfare (Essential Issues) – Horn Book Guide

These books examine societal issues, reviewing their histories and relating steps taken to combat problems, including laws enacted to protect citizens. The readable texts are enhanced with numerous photographs and sidebars. . . View →

Cover: Essential Issues Set 1

Mental Disorders, HIV/AIDS (Essential Issues) – Horn Book Guide

These books present overviews of the illnesses. Sidebars, photographs, and illustrations accompany the readable texts. View →

Cover: Cool Art

Cool Printmaking (Cool Art) – School Library Journal

Seven projects introduce three printmaking techniques; relief, planographic, and stenciling. A basic explanation of materials paired with clear instructions and color photographs makes this a useful beginner’s guide. Most materials are common household items such as foam plates and View →