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Cover: Field Guides Set 2

Field Guides Set 2 – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Nature lovers will rejoice with these trimmed down, visual field guides. As one expects, there are scientific as well as common names featured in each, but there are also more candid images that match a real-life visual experience. Helpful tips are alongside background information about… View →

Cover: Native American Nations

Native American Nations – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Lots of information is packed into bite-sized chapters in this series. Each book explores the nation’s homeland, societal structure, dress, food sources, and war capabilities. While there is a chapter about traditions, it only includes a short example of spiritual beliefs. First contact… View →

Cover: Pirates

Pirates – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Exploring the popular topic of pirates, this series will draw in striving readers at both the upper elementary and middle school level interested in history and adventure. View →

Cover: Teen Challenges

Unplanned Pregnancies – Booklist review

This straightforward offering features plain language and relatable scenarios while considering multiple perspectives on unplanned pregnancies. Part of the Teen Challenges series (8 titles), the text lays out options—from prevention measures to decisions about keeping or ending a… View →

Cover: Groundbreaker Bios

Groundbreaker Bios – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

These titles offer sufficient introductions to these notable people. View →

Cover: Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Among the usual gods and goddesses, readers will learn about centaurs, Pegasus, and Medusa in this fascinating series. It is hard to make a series about Greek mythology feel fresh, but the authors manage to do just that. With easy-to-read yet richly detailed text, young readers will… View →

Cover: Xtreme Aircraft

Xtreme Aircraft – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

This series is full of detailed aircraft content and is best suited to striving readers at the secondary level. View →

Cover: Hauntings

Hauntings – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Each book in the series retells three haunting tales in easy-to-read text with bolded vocabulary and plenty of white space…. A wonderfully creepy way to build reading skills. View →

Cover: Military Animals

Mine-Hunting Animals – Booklist review

Readers will get acquainted with these impressive creatures and come to understand how they are able to spot, hear, or sniff out mines. View →

Cover: Military Animals

Military Animals – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Informative and entertaining, these books will attract those interested in animals and the military; they should be considered for purchase by both school and public librarians. View →

Cover: Sports Innovations

Sports Innovations – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

No game has stayed the same since its invention, a truth highlighted in this interesting series. Some of the biggest innovations in soccer haven’t involved tech, but have instead revolutionized play, like total football, tiki-taka, and pressing/counter-pressing. Auto-racing innovations… View →

Cover: Amazing Archaeology

Amazing Archaeology – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Each of the titles in this series for younger readers covers a person or place from the past that has been discovered. Each topic is introduced, given historical context about how it was discovered, and additional facts are given. The sections vary in length but contain one short… View →