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Cover: Universe Set 1

Universe Set 1 - Library Media Connection

Brilliantly put together, this series is yet another valuable resource. . . . They are perfect for the young beginning researcher. The author uses photographs and creative color blocking to draw the reader into the book. Left and right arrows direct the reader’s attention to the “meat” of… View →

Cover: Cool Music

Cool Music – Library Media Connection

This series of nonfiction books is dedicated to the appreciation of exclusive genres of music. Photographs and simple text complement these titles. Each book supplies a wealth of fascinating information to those who are new to the field. Reluctant readers will be attracted to these… View →

Cover: Baby Mammals

Baby Mammals – Library Media Connection

This is another wonderful series. . . . With each book providing a “Vital Statistics” page, fun and interesting facts throughout, and a glossary at the end, readers will surely be excited to get their hands on them. Interestingly, a fun fact about the animal appears toward the end of the… View →

Cover: Beginner Biographies Set 1

Beginner Biographies Set 1 - School Library Journal

This aptly named set has a consistent, clean layout: spreads feature brief text on one page, with a full-color illustration opposite. Martin Luther King’s and Abraham Lincoln’s assassinations are handled with age-appropriate text and illustrations that are somber, but not scary, and include View →

Cover: Baby African Animals

Baby African Animals – School Library Journal

Large, double-spaced type and simple structure will help newer readers. . . .A nice mixture of broad and specific details makes the information easy to digest. . . View →

Cover: Cool Art

Cool Art – School Library Journal

These books are well organized, with clearly written sections. . .and several clever projects and exercises. . . .These titles should have substantial child appeal. View →

Cover: Let's Measure

Let's Measure – School Library Journal

These books show diverse children measuring or weighing everyday items. In Cup, friends measure wet and dry baking ingredients. Additional sections show youngsters apportioning other materials, ask questions such as how many cups it takes to fill a sink, challenge readers to figure… View →

Cover: Short Tales Classics

Short Tales Classics – Library Media Connection

These graphic novellas of classic titles are intended to appeal to a younger audience and pique their interest in the classics. The illustrations are bold, bright, and interesting. If you are looking for easy readers to attract a specific audience, then this might be the series for you.
View →

Cover: Short Tales Fairy Tales

Short Tales Fairy Tales - Library Media Connection

The stories employ frequently used words and familiar vocabulary to help young independent readers enjoy these much loved tales. Extra spacing between the lines along with short sections of text will appeal to the readers and lead them into the rich illustrations depicting beautiful… View →

Cover: Big Buddy Biographies Set 1

Big Buddy Biographies Set 1 – School Library Journal

These brief profiles of popular celebrities are visual feasts similar to glossy pop-culture magazines. The color photos on each page and attractive layouts will encourage browsing. Though the texts are minimal, they offer some interesting information about the stars and their families. View →

Cover: Count the Critters Set 1

Count the Critters Set 1 - School Library Journal

Each of these books introduces a basic counting concept and follows one method consistently to teach it. Spreads devote three or four sentences to a number. In four of the books, an addition or subtraction equation shows how the result can be achieved, and, in all, a number line along the… View →

Cover: Essential Health: Strong Beautiful Girls Set 1

Essential Health: Strong Beautiful Girls Set 1 – School Library Journal

Delicate, flowery borders and designs grace the pages in these books, yet the personal stories are both forthright and candid. . . .These volumes cover the gamut of challenges and pressures that whittle girls’ self-esteem. . . . The true-to-life situations described in these books will be a View →