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Cover: Graphic Horror Set 2

Graphic Horror Set 2 – School Library Journal

For readers wanting a small shiver down their spines, these books will suffice. Stoker’s Dracula is succinct and well edited. These titles provide slim and chilling reads that give a taste of the actual stories for reluctant readers.
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Cover: Essential Health: Strong Beautiful Girls Set 2

Essential Health: Strong Beautiful Girls Set 2 – School Library Journal

These books provide useful, age-appropriate information about growing up and navigating the treacherous waters of adolescence. . .[and] could be useful additions to health and well-being sections. View →

Cover: Graphic Adventures:Human Body

Graphic Adventures: The Human Body - School Library Journal

The books give an accurate inside look at the organs and their roles, placement, and operation, as well as related organs and systems. The illustrations incorporate scientific images and labeled body parts. Final panels cover safety and health tips, and a closing diagram of the featured… View →

Cover: Essential Health: Strong Beautiful Girls Set 2

Essential Health: Strong Beautiful Girls Set 2 – School Library Journal

These titles combine “true-to-life” stories with advice from a child and adolescent development specialist. These hi/lo titles could be used as starting points for discussions. View →

Cover: Rock Band

Rock Band - School Library Journal

Even rock-and-roll know-it-alls will learn something from this series, which includes technical information about equipment and instruments and practical advice about overcoming stage fright or resolving disputes between band members. Copious examples and photos of bands drawn from a wide… View →

Cover: Essential Events Set 3

Bolshevik Revolution (Essential Events) – Horn Book Guide

This volume chronicles events before, during, and after the revolution that altered the course of Russian history. The rise of Lenin and other Bolshevik leaders, the execution of the Romanovs, the struggles to establish a Communist state, and the aftermath of World War II are detailed.… View →

Cover: Essential Lives Set 3

Essential Lives Set 3 – Horn Book Guide

Filled with interesting sidebars, photographs, or illustrations, and maps, each of these biographies traces the life of its subject, including early successes and failures. . . . A clean design makes the books user-friendly, and appended resources make them helpful for school reports. View →

Cover: Essential Events Set 3

Great Wall of China (Essential Events) – Horn Book Guide

This accessible volume presents an abbreviated history of China from early nomadic peoples to the present. The book also chronicles the construction, destruction, repair, and preservation of parts of the Great Wall from its inception in 221 BCE. Numerous sidebars, maps, drawings, and… View →

Cover: Essential Events Set 3

Dust Bowl (Essential Events) – Horn Book Guide

This book chronicles hardships in the American Southwest during the Great Depression. The collapse of the financial markets, the severe drought and devastating dust storms, the subsequent crop failures, and the influx of hordes of families to California and Oregon are reported in… View →

Cover: Barnyard Buddies Set 2

Barnyard Buddies Set 2 - School Library Journal

Each title has a dual text, which appears on alternating pages. The large-font, easy-to-read main text presents introductory information about the animal and her young, while the smaller font offers more details. . .clearly and simply written.
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Cover: Dog Daze Set 1

Dog Daze Set 1 – Horn Book Guide

These books provide basic information about each breed. Topics include appearance, training, and doggie proclivities. Vivid photographs of pups romping and posing add life. View →

Cover: Cool CSI

Cool CSI – Horn Book Guide

These hands-on books clearly explain basic premises and techniques of crime scene investigators, then suggest simple ways to duplicate the processes, such as distinguishing among different kinds of pollen and testing people’s memory of objects—all the while recording data in a notebook. .… View →