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Cover: Star Wars: Clone Wars Set 1

Clone Wars: Slaves of the Republic – School Library Journal

Sure to be popular with Star Wars fans, Slaves of the Republic is destined for stellar circulation. View →

Cover: Eco-Pig

Eco-Pig – Booklist

The picture-book format, with bright acrylic illustrations of To-Be’s locals. . .makes this a suitable choice for both new readers and young listeners, and teachers seeking supplementary material for Earth Day units may want to incorporate this title. A glossary and appended section of… View →

Cover: Military Heroes

Benjamin O. Davis Jr. (Military Heroes) – Booklist

★*STARRED*★ Benjamin O. Davis Jr. was an American hero, and this attractive Essential Library volume does an excellent job of introducing him as well as the times that shaped him. Readers will get a real… View →

Cover: Essential Viewpoints Set 4

Racial Profiling (Essential Viewpoints) – School Library Journal

Orr presents arguments for and against the practice in focused, clearly written essays that will help students become informed. The various chapters are well laid out, and the arguments are nicely paced, utilizing quotes from experts on terrorism and lawyers, legislators, and those charged… View →

Cover: Lives Cut Short Set 1

Michael Jackson (Lives Cut Short) – Booklist

Though some may find the premise of the Lives Cut Short series ghastly, this evenhanded and educational entry proves its worth. The text is wonderfully readable and focuses on the bigger events (the tours, the milestones, the trials), while sidebars on nearly every page delve into the… View →

Cover: Essential Viewpoints Set 4

Essential Viewpoints Set 4 – School Library Journal

The titles succeed in providing balanced viewpoints, successfully incorporating historical information with current concerns. Teaching Intelligent Design and Genetically Modified Foods both do a particularly good job placing the controversy in a social, economic, and political View →

Cover: Stink Set 2

Stink: Solar System Superhero (Stink) - Booklist

Astrophysics facts combine with everyday second-grade school experiences in this lively chapter book in the Stink series. Shocked to hear the scientific fact that Pluto has been declared too small to be a planet, Stink stands up to both grown-up scientists and other kids when he starts a… View →

Cover: Story Time with Signs & Rhymes Set 1

Story Time with Signs & Rhymes – School Library Journal

The text is lively, and Bauer’s colorful illustrations crackle with cartoony energy. Each book contains a glossary of signs including illustrations and descriptions of how to produce the signs, as well as “Fun Facts about ASL,” and “Signing Activities.” The signs themselves are well chosen… View →

Cover: NASCAR Heroes

NASCAR Heroes – School Library Journal

A superhero with a hidden identity, an archenemy, a serial graphic novel, and NASCAR racing! What more could you ask for? The serial plots are crammed into 28 busy pages per episode, but kids–possibly “reluctants”–won’t mind a bit. Eye-catching and colorful, with super-quick pit stops to boot. View →

Cover: Graphic Novel Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Graphic Novel Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Set 1 - School Library Journal

These tales present streamlined versions of Doyle’s well-known stories. Each volume begins with portraits identifying the cast and ends with the same back matter: step-by-step directions for drawing Holmes, a helpful glossary, an address to access related Web sites, and a brief bio of… View →

Cover: Super Simple Crafts

Super Simple Jewelry (Super Simple Crafts) – Booklist

. . .the likable projects featured in this slim title create bright baubles from easy-to-find, inexpensive materials. Each spread combines sharp color photos of the crafts both during construction and then in their finished state, and the book’s design makes following along easy with… View →

Cover: Ghost Detectors Set 1

Ghost Detectors Set 1 - School Library Journal

Black-and-white illustrations enhance the large-print, easy-to-read texts. Filled with quirky characters such as Malcolm’s make-up-caked sister and dotty Grandma Eunice, these early chapter books are sure to delight. . . View →