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Cover: Children's Authors

R.L. Stine – Booklist review

Kidlit horror master R. L. Stein stars in this biography in the Children’s Authors series (6 titles). Young readers will learn about his early years, what inspired him to write, how he came to write his popular Goosebumps and Fear Street series, and his legacy in children’s literature.… View →

Cover: Hip-Hop Artists Set 3

Hip-Hop Artists Set 3 – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

The lives and careers of several popular hip-hop artists are chronicled in these detailed accounts. View →

Cover: World Explorers

World Explorers – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

These six volumes relate the lives and accomplishments of various explorers…. Information provided is factual without resorting to hagiography. View →

Cover: Toy Stories

Toy Stories – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Talk about shelf appeal! Graphically striking covers featuring favorite toys lure readers into these succinct overviews of the development and continuing evolution of each product line. And the eye-catching design doesn’t stop at the covers—interior spreads feature large typefaces and… View →

Cover: Xtreme Aircraft

Xtreme Aircraft – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

This series is full of detailed aircraft content and is best suited to striving readers at the secondary level. View →

Cover: Deadly Diseases

Deadly Diseases – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

This grisly collection looks at epidemics and pandemics of the past and ­present, ­explaining each in a simple, relatable way that remains true to the science without leaning into the overly morbid aspects of discussing illnesses. Archival images and photographs of sick people are used… View →

Cover: Sports GOATs: The Greatest of All Time

Sports GOATs: The Greatest of All Time – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Browsers will flock to this fast-paced, exciting series. The 20 best athletes for each sport are lauded in snappy bios that break down their phenomenal careers. GOATs of Football includes offensive and defensive players, like quarterback Peyton Manning and defensive end Reggie White.… View →

Cover: Sports Encyclopedias

Sports Encyclopedias – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

For browsers who want a Guinness Book experience, but with a laser focus on sports, this series is clutch. Each book follows a similar formula, starting with a history of the sport and the formation of formal competition. For MLB, NBA,… View →

Cover: Pirates

Pirates – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Exploring the popular topic of pirates, this series will draw in striving readers at both the upper elementary and middle school level interested in history and adventure. View →

Cover: Sly as a Fox: Are Foxes Clever?

Sly as a Fox: Are Foxes Clever? - Archimedes Notebook

You’ve probably heard someone say “he’s as sly as a fox” but… are foxes really sly and clever? That’s what Marie-Therese Miller explores in her book, one of a series comparing animal idioms (expressions) and the real-life… The answer is a resounding YES View →

Cover: Beautiful Biomes

Beautiful Biomes – Booklist review

The design of the Beautiful Biomes series is pleasing in its simplicity…. An attractive addition to primary-grade units on biomes. View →

Cover: Outdoor Photography

Outdoor Photography - Irving Independent School District, Texas

Novice photographers will benefit from this informational text that explains how to care for your digital camera to the best lenses to use based on what shot is being taken. The topics taught include what exposure to use depending on the lighting, shutter speed, composition, motion,… View →

Cover: New York Yankees

New York Yankees - Irving Independent School District, Texas

This simple text informs readers about baseball and especially the New York Yankees. The large text and colorful illustrations make the book a fast read as well as providing historical details modern fans may not know. A history of star players gives statistics and accomplishments of… View →

Cover: Space Technology

Rovers, Arlington Independent School District

Recommendation: Recommended. It includes basic information about rovers and the history of rovers. The photographs are vivid and colorful. View →

Cover: Fashion Figures

Kate Spade, Arlington Independent School District

Recommendation: Recommended. There are bright photographs of Kate, her family and some of her designs. View →

Cover: Game On! Set 2

Game On! Set 2 – Booklist review

The Game On! series takes readers behind the scenes of popular video game franchises to learn how their favorite games were developed and have changed over time. The books’ clean layouts feature sidebar facts and captioned photos of the featured games, their creators, and… View →

Cover: Field Guides Set 1

Birds, Arlington Independent School District

Recommended. This field guide is a great introduction to using field guides to learn about a wide variety of birds. View →

Cover: Climate Change

The Effects of Climate Change, Arlington Independent School District

Recommendation: Recommended. The Effects of Climate Change explains the impact of climate change around the globe. It uses real-world examples of how rising temperatures impact animal and human lives, as well as calls young readers to take action. Recommended for intermediate and middle… View →

Cover: Beginning Science

Magnetism, Arlington Independent School District

Recommendation: Highly Recommended. This is a great beginning reader for primary grades or ELL students…. The photos are all great examples to help students and readers understand magnetism. View →

Cover: Excursiones con la escuela (Field Trips)

Excursiones con la escuela – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Common school field trip sites are presented in this Spanish series. Readers will enjoy venturing to the zoo, aquarium, art museum, children’s museum, nature center, and planetarium. Lots of color photographs of kids having fun and exciting adventures on each trip correspond to… View →